Jewelry Care

Jewelry requires special care depending on the materials, condition, and construction of the piece.

Here are some tips to keeping your jewellery sparkly and clean.
Gold and Gemstones
Prepare a cup of hot water and dish detergent and leave the piece in over night.
Brush the stone with a soft toothbrush, remember the bottom of the stone
Wipe the piece with a soft and clean dish towel or polishing cloth
Silver Rings and tarnish/oxidation

It is generally a good idea to store silver jewellery in an airtight zip lock bag as it prevents oxidation
Please avoid Silver dip and other chemical polishing pastes or liquids as they open the surface of the silver and make tarnishing appear much faster afterwards
Use a dry and soft polishing cloth or dish towel to gently polish the surface
Pearls and Amber
Try to avoid soap as it tends to dry it out in time
If you are not wearing your amber or pearls often, remember to touch them frequently as they will loose their lustre without contact with your skin
Can with certain climates, dry out, fade in color.
Wet the soft cloth with warm water. Do not use hot water as extreme temperatures of either hot or cold can damage the coral
Wring out the cloth
Gently wipe the surfaces of the coral jewelry
Avoid touching the coral with any cleaner
Clean the setting around the coral with a soft brush
Ebony and other organic material
Try to avoid soap
A little Olive Oil every once in a while will do magic!

 Basic care involves storing jewelry so that pieces do not touch each other. To quickly clean stones, use a lint-free polishing cloth to safely remove fingerprints and oil. Generally, metal does not require cleaning and actually becomes more beautiful over time.

Do not use jewelry cleaner, ultrasonic cleaners, or steam cleaners without consulting us about safe cleaning practices for your specific piece.

Stone settings should be checked for security regularly by the wearer with special attention after a piece incurs impact.

Mikkel Brøgger Jewelry can not be responsible for broken, loose or lost gemstones after purchase of jewelry items. 

Please consult us for the best way to check the security of your stone. If you notice your stone is loose, contact us as soon as possible, by emailing

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